How to change your life…

—if you really want to

Powerful and practical spiritual tools - invocations and decrees for personal and planetary transformation

The main message of this website is that you can transcend any condition that is limiting you.

In a nutshell, the conditions that limit you are made from energy (Einstein proved that everything is energy) and the key to changing your life is to learn how to raise the vibration of low-frequency energy.

You do this by invoking energy of a higher frequency and this website gives you the teachings and the practical tools for how to invoke spiritual light and direct it into transforming your limitations.

For an easy introduction to techniques for invoking light, see the starter package.

You can also make a personal contribution to helping humankind transcend any condition that limits all of us or some of us. Join our vigil!


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This website offers you a variety of tools that can empower you to take command over your life experience. These tools can help you:

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    New answers, Sept 10


    I have put some new answers on the site that were given at the Los Angeles conference last year.   You can find them on this page.     {crossposting}

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    New answer: The election of a female president


    Question: Not that I want to look at one person − sometimes people look for a savior, for one President that can come along and fix everything. But are there...

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    Saint Germains’ deepest concern for America


    Question: What is St. Germain’s deepest concern for the United States?   Answer...

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    New Answer: As America goes, so goes the world


      Question: Essentially, you have discussed domestic American problems. Many of us are from Canada and other countries, and I’m wondering in what context can we relate to these issues because they...

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