8th Ray, Affirming Oneness with God

8.51 I am one with God the Father

I affirm that God the Father is the expanding force that drives the River of Life to flow in a state of constant self-transcendence—a state of being MORE. I affirm that God the Father is the very force of unconditional love that will not allow any conditions to prevent it from being MORE. I affirm that it was this unconditional love that gave God the Creator the desire to BE MORE and that everything God created is an expression of this desire to BE MORE. 

I affirm that God is a Living God who is constantly growing and transcending itself, being MORE through all self-conscious beings. Thus, I recognize that God created me as a co-creator with him and that he desires to BE MORE through me. I therefore vow that I am indeed willing to transcend all of my human limitations, so that I can attain a sense of oneness with my I AM Presence and through that a sense of oneness with my Creator. I am willing to enter the flow of the River of Life and become one with God’s creative intent, losing my lesser self in God’s unconditional love. I am willing to BE MORE in this world.

8.52 I AM one with God the Son

I recognize that the consciousness of anti-christ is the mindset that causes me to deny my oneness with God and deny God the ability to work through me. It causes me to deny that I have the potential to BE MORE. The mind of anti-christ has created the illusion that this world is separated from God’s perfection and that God cannot solve the problems on Earth—that this world cannot be MORE. 

I vow, with all of the love of my being, to stop denying God where I am and to stop denying the flow of God’s unconditional love through me. I vow to seek first the kingdom of God, which is the Christ consciousness that empowers me to BE MORE. I vow to have the righteousness, the right use of my creative faculties, that multiplies my talents and makes me MORE. I affirm that it is a higher priority for me to BE MORE in God than to attain anything on Earth.

I recognize that I have a Christ potential, the potential to BE MORE. I vow to let my eye by single, so that I can see beyond the duality of the mind of anti-christ, the illusion that I am less. I vow to multiply my talents so that I can close the figure-eight flow that is the true key to bringing God’s kingdom into manifestation in my personal life and in my world. 

I keep my attention on my I AM Presence and I allow God’s love to flow through me. I express that love by freely giving to others what I have freely received. Yet I give with the Christ discernment that prevents me from casting my pearls before the “swine” of the human consciousness. Therefore, I multiply the figure-eight flow that surely will make me MORE in accordance with my Divine plan.

I recognize that I did not come into this embodiment to live a materialistic lifestyle of constantly seeking possessions, power and pleasure. I did not come here to be less than I was created to BE. I came to live a spiritual life and fulfill my divine plan, which includes giving my unique gift to this world. Thus, I vow to BE MORE in every situation, so that my divine plan can unfold and come to my conscious awareness. I dedicate my life to BEING here below all that I AM Above—and MORE. 

8.53 I AM one with God the Mother

I recognize the fact that life in this world is a constant challenge to choose between being less or being MORE. I am being challenged by the consciousness of anti-christ to accept the imperfections in this world as real, permanent or unavoidable. I am being challenged to accept that this world is inherently limited and that it cannot manifest the abundant life. I am being challenged to accept that this world belongs to the forces of anti-christ and that I do not have the right or the ability to challenge their authority. I am being challenged to choose to be less than what God created me to BE.

I now recognize that the serpentine logic used by the forces of anti-christ is based on an illusion and that it is a lie. I am willing to let my Christ self expose all serpentine lies in my being and world, so that I can see the truth of Christ that sets me free to BE MORE. I now affirm that regardless of any imperfect appearances, the reality of life is that with God all things are possible. Thus, I can BE MORE in every situation I encounter.

I affirm that everything in this world is made from the Mother Light and that the Mother Light simply outpictures the images that human beings project upon it through the power of our minds. Thus, the Mother Light can outpicture any image, including the kingdom of God. I am willing to BE MORE, and I use the mind of Christ to see beyond all imperfections in this world. I see the pure Mother Light behind all appearances. I project the perfect vision of Christ upon the Mother Light in every situation I encounter. I project the vision of Christ upon the entire planet, and I fully accept that the Earth is MORE as I AM MORE.

8.54 I AM one with God the Holy Spirit

 I recognize that the Holy Spirit is an expression of God’s unconditional love, namely the drive to BE MORE through perpetual self-transcendence. I am willing to let the Holy Spirit flow through my own being and consume all of my attachments to my limitations or wounds. I am willing to let the Holy Spirit set me free from all illusions and heal all my psychological and physical wounds. I am indeed willing to let the Holy Spirit restore me to the wholeness in which I was created, the wholeness that empowers me to BE MORE.

I recognize that in order for me to be fully whole, I must fulfill my reason for being in this world, meaning that I must give my gift to help raise all life. I am willing to let my God Flame flow through me and be expressed through the power of the Holy Spirit. I am willing to let the Holy Spirit blow where it listeth and BE MORE through me, even beyond what my outer mind finds acceptable or necessary. I am willing to BE an instrument for awakening those who are still asleep, even if doing so requires that their graven images be challenged by the truth of Christ. 

I am willing to not only be in the River of Life, but to BE the River of Life in this world. I allow the Holy Spirit to flow through me and sweep away the obstacles created through the mind of anti-christ. I am willing to BE MORE and bring the judgment of the multitude of spirits that have separated themselves from God by choosing to be less. I am willing to BE the example of a spiritual being who is completely committed to being MORE. I now fully and finally surrender my mortal sense of identity and merge my Being with the River of Life, reclaiming my God-given identity.

I am willing to let my God Flame fulfill its role of consuming all unlike itself and thereby reveal the reality of God’s perfection beneath all imperfect appearances. I AM the winds of the Holy Spirit blowing wherever my God Flame desires to BE MORE in form. I love God the Holy Spirit, and I am willing to BE MORE of God every day.

Copyright © by Kim Michaels, 2012

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