4.41 I am the open door

I AM a son/daughter of God, and at this very moment I stand up to be counted as a co-creator with God on Earth. I hereby consciously choose to acknowledge the power of my free will to choose light, to choose life, to choose the perfection of God over the imperfection in this world. I choose to affirm that nothing imperfect is real and that only God’s light and God’s perfection is real and has permanence.

 Therefore, I affirm that within my heart is the spark of God, the spark of light, that truly is the open door that no human power can shut, save my free will. I now choose to open that door, and therefore I am the open door which no human power, or any force of darkness, can shut.

I hereby acknowledge my true individuality as my I AM Presence, and I choose to let the light of my Presence stream through me and consume all unlike itself. I choose to be the God Flame that I am in Heaven, manifest on Earth as the fire that burned before Moses when he ascended the mountain of God. I choose to let that fire that I am bring forth the true spiritual law that could not be given to Moses because of the recalcitrance of humankind. I choose to be the open door for this true spiritual law to now be brought down to the physical octave on planet Earth. 

I choose to be the open door for the Being of the Presence of Infinite Light to stream forth in the material universe and consume all imperfections and imbalances. I choose to be the open door for envisioning the kingdom of God on planet Earth. I call upon the Presence of Infinite Light to send the unstoppable, unconquerable Light of God to superimpose the perfect vision of God upon the Ma-ter substance that makes up my own physical body, my soul and mind, my outer circumstances and this planet itself, from all aspects of human society to Mother Nature.

Copyright © by Kim Michaels, 2012

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