Visualization for Closing the Figure-Eight Flow Between Your Higher and Lower Being

(Being here below all that you are Above)

This visualization was given by Mother Mary in the following message.

My beloved, as a reward for your service of the last several rosaries I come to give you another rosary that can reinforce the sense of the River of Life and the flow of the oneness of all life. This is the Eternal Flow rosary. It is a short rosary. And although you can give it more than one time, I encourage you to start out by giving it only one time per setting—perhaps giving it several times a day. I desire you to give this rosary slowly, to meditate on the words and to visualize the figure-eight flow between your I AM Presence and your lower being and visualize how the light of your I AM Presence, the light that truly is your God Flame, flows over that figure-eight flow and illuminates your lower being.

I want you to visualize that when the flow reaches the lowest point of the figure-eight, it is radiated out into the world around you because it forms a sun, a sun that is fueled by your God Flame above. And thus, as that sun is established in your lower being, some of the light from the sun now flows back up and closes the figure-eight flow. For truly, it is only when you give selflessly to all life that you multiply your talents and close the figure-eight flow, so that God can multiply what you have multiplied and give you more. 

So many of you have made great strides on the path, but you have not closed the figure-eight flow because you have not come to the point of giving selflessly to all life. Thus, I hope you will visualize this figure-eight flow and use this rosary to close that figure-eight flow and truly be here below all that you are Above, which is the key to becoming more.

Copyright © 2012 by Kim Michaels

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