Recommended book: Unmasking the Ego

You can buy an E-Book: Unmasking the Ego or a printed book from the STORE



The book offers a universal spiritual understanding of the origin of the ego. It also provides profound insights into the games played by the ego, including the epic battle that causes the ego to set itself up as the savior of the world and the solution to all of humankind’s problems.Any student of spiritual psychology can benefit from the profound perspective offered by this book.




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    Updated Mother Mary 500 for 2020


    I have updated the program for Mother Mary's 500 vigil. You can see the changes HERE.

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    Conferences for 2020


    We now have four conferences planned for 2020.    You can find more information about them here.       {crossposting}

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    Gautama transcript 2020


    The transcript of Gautama Buddha's New Year's dictation is now on the website.     {crossposting}

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    Gautama 2020


    The sound file for Gautama Buddha's New Year's dictation is on the subscriber's website in a folder named 2020 sound files.   {crossposting}

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